2022 Yamaha F60LB Outboard Motor

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Basic Info

Horse Power: 60hp
Year: 2022

Engine Specs

Engine Type: 4-cylinder


Buy 2022 Yamaha F60LB Outboard Motor

Yamaha’s 60hp Midrange outboards exemplify the perfect synthesis of form and function—a quintessential choice for boating enthusiasts who prioritize family fun, fishing excursions, and recreational enjoyment. Boasting a compact design with a 1-liter displacement and innovative single-overhead-camshaft construction, these four-stroke engines are the epitome of seamless power. The 2022 Yamaha F60LB Outboard Motor, Integrated with advanced electronic fuel injection technology, guarantees brisk starts, robust performance, and extraordinary fuel efficiency.

These engines are designed to excel across diverse boating applications:

  • Aluminum Fishing Boats: The 60hp models provide optimal thrust and maneuverability for the avid angler.
  • Pontoons and Fiberglass Boats: Their light structure, combined with impressive power output, delivers smooth sailing and enjoyable waterborne adventures.
  • Precision Trolling: With Yamaha’s exclusive Variable Trolling RPM Switch, anglers can fine-tune their trolling speeds in precise 50-RPM increments, enhancing the fishing experience by allowing for meticulous speed adjustments.

2022 Yamaha F60LB Outboard Motor promises an exhilarating aquatic journey:

  • Adaptive Speed Control: Crafted for the inshore fisherman, the ability to adjust trolling speeds with pinpoint accuracy is invaluable for bait presentation and navigating diverse water conditions.
  • Customizable Control: Whether through Yamaha’s Multi-Function Tiller Handle, the sophisticated Command Link® Tachometer, or a remote VTS switch mounted on the helm, boaters have versatile options to access the Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS®).

Highlighted Key Features Include:

  • Effortless Maintenance: The convenient Freshwater Flush Device eradicates the need to run the engine for flushing, extending the engine’s lifespan and ensuring ease of maintenance.
  • Enhanced Gauge Compatibility: The optional Command Link® gauges are engineered to provide instant access to vital outboard and boat system data in robust, weather-resistant displays. Available in styles suitable for both single and multi-engine setups, they cater to all types of boating requirements.
  • Unmatched Reliability and Durability: Yamaha’s Midrange outboards are fortified with the exclusive YDC-30 alloy and the pioneering Phaze Five™ anti-corrosive paint system, promising a potent five-layer defense against corrosion—a standard feature that underscores Yamaha’s commitment to durability, 30hp.

All in all, the Yamaha 60hp Midrange four strokes offer a balance of performance, efficiency, and durability, making them a stellar power choice that stands out amidst a sea of outboarding options.


    • Engine Type: Yamaha F60LB Four Stroke
    • Horsepower: 60hp
    • Cylinders: 4 cyl
    • Shaft Length: 20″ Long
    • Steering: Remote Mechanical
    • Starter: Electric
    • Weight: 247 lbs
    • Alternator Output: 16 amp
    • Degree of Tilt: 69°
    • Degree of Trim: -4° through +16°
    • Full Throttle Range: 5000 – 6000 rpm
    • Displacement: 1.0L
    • Fuel Induction System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
    • Warranty: Yamaha 3-Year Warranty
    • 2022 Yamaha F60LB Outboard Motor
    • Power Trim & Tilt
    • Steering Link Arm
    • Fuel Line
    • Owner’s Manual


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